Flexoptix SFP transceivers

The problem

I often work with MikroTik hardware for routing and WiFi and HPE hardware for switching. The nice thing about the MikroTik devices regarding SFP transceivers is, they'll accept almost any SFP transceiver as long as you respect SFP and SFP+.

Other vendors treat this differently. Most of the time, vendors require to use their SFP transceivers. Transceivers from other vendors won't be accepted.

For my work, this means, I need to order vendor specific transceivers depending on the gear used by customers, hold them on stock for replacement and have them with me just in case.

To be honest, I cannot understand why a great standard is sabotaged this way.

The solution

By chance, I got to know Flexoptix. Flexoptix manufactures unbranded SFP transceivers, DACs and so on. When you order transceivers from them, you can specify for what vendor you like to use the transceiver and they'll flash the vendor ID on the module.

But, the best thing is, you can get their Flexbox. The Flexbox is a little device that you can use to flash Flexoptix transceivers yourself. Wanna have 10G MM SFP transceivers on stock for all kind of vendors and devices? No problem. Just order them and flash them according to your needs. No more stocking of transceivers which are of course exactly the transceivers you don't need when your customer calls ;-)

The Flexbox is controlled by an Chrome browser app. Just plug your SFP transceiver into the flexbox, select a vendor and a SFP model and click on flash. It takes just seconds and your Flexoptic transceiver will be recognized by your device.

My experience so far

Normally, I don't do advertising but this time, I have to make an exception because the solution is genius. You can get the transceivers for a decent price and you can just flash them to whatever vendor you want.

I just deployed four 10G MM SFP+ transceivers and a DAC and it perfectly works. So far, I only tested HPE and MikroTik devices, but I'm sure, this will work with any vendor as long as it's supported by Flexoptix.

As a bonus, you can get one Flexbox flashing device per organisation for free.

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My Wishlist

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I'm not begging for anything and I will continue to share my knowledge but of course I would be really happy to see some packages arriving ;-)