HP ProCurve 4000M modular switch


The HP ProCurve 4000M is a modular FastEthernet switch. It has ten module slots, which can be used for 8-port 100MBit/s modules, 1-port 1GBit/s modules, and fibre modules.

The most important features provided are VLAN, trunking and stacking. On the pictures you can see, that I connected two HP Procurve 2510-24 to the 4000M for testing the stacking feature. It works great.

To reset the 4000M, follow the procedure described in my HP ProCurve 2510-24 post.


The stacking feature looks to me that it is just providing one configuration interface for multiple devices. Maybe I need to read the manuals again to check this.

To stack the devices you need to configure one switch as Commander and the other ones as Members.

The following pictures show how the web GUI will look like after having stacked the switches.

As you can see, there is one glitch in the stack management view: The HP ProCurve 2510 firmware refers to a URL on the HP ProCurve 4000M which does not exist. This might be due to the age difference between the two firmwares.

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