7-segment clock


As I wrote in the teaser, I found some 7-segment displays, some BCD (binary coded digits) converters and some counters.

How hard would it be to build a clock by myself?

Not so hard...

As it turned out, it's not that hard. In fact, I use the Raspberry Pi as time source and pulse generator. A small python script controls a GPIO for each digit. Each digits consists of a combined counter and BCD convrter IC and a 7-segment driver IC.

The python script resets the counters on the BCDs, reads the system time, strips out the digits for the hours and minutes and sends that many pulses to the BCD converters.

To create an "animated" effect, there is a small pause between each pulse.

That's it.

How to rebuild

If you like to rebuild this clock, this is the part list:

- 4 x 7-segment display
- 4 x CA3161E (BCD to 7 segment converter)
- 4 x 74LS93N (BCD Counter)
- 4 x IC sockets
- 1 x Raspberry Pi
- some hookup wire

You'll find the python script at the bottom of this page.



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