jumpNet topology update in January 2018


Maybe, if you followed my blog for some time, you'll remember my post about bulding my network lab and how difficult it was to move the network cabinet. Moving it from my old place to the new appartment didn't cause that much trouble this time because a large car was available. This time, I even measured the width of the doors in the new appartment to be sure, the network cabinet will fit.

Long story short, my whole setup moved to the new place (Johannes' place) and I immediately started to connect my network to Johannes network.

New topology

During the first attempt to interconnect the networks, we (Johannes and me) also moved some network gear (servers, NAS, access points) to new locations and quickly we realized, that we need some VLANs because we liked to stick to our established networks and addressing schemes.

This resulted in a really ugly VLAN/plain LAN hybrid configuration. It worked but nobody was happy with this state.

After some weeks, I started a second attempt, and to be honest, I'm happy with it now: Everything is logically separated but can share the physical infrastructure at the same time:


You propably already know this network map, as I used it in my post about hardware VLAN in RouterOS. Nevertheless, I didn't mention a word about the reason of this change. The provided maps show the microscopic view and the macroscopic view of the topology change.

Technically, is a local transit network to interconnect the routers. We can use as default gateway to reach the internet and to reach and to reach As I upgraded my internet connection to VDSL (100MBit/s down / 40MBit/s up), we decided to route all traffic to over my network. Seen from a jumpNets perspective, I've become a transit provider ;-)

Of course, we sticked to OSPF to realize all that. In fact, there was almost no change of the configuration, just adding an additional interface to OSPF and route filtering and there you go.

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