MikroTik hAP lite

The task

My roomate needs a phone. Since I do not want to run cables through the apartment, I thought about a wireless solution. So it came handy, that I just got a couple of old Fritz!Boxes 7170 for little money and the new MikroTik hAP lite.

MikroTik hAP lite

The hAP lite is a RB941-2nD (http://routerboard.com/RB941-2nD). It has a 650MHz CPU, 32MB of RAM, 4 FastEthernet ports, a wlan interface (B/G/N, dual chain) and comes with RouterOS license level 4. With this device, MikroTik introduces a new system architecture: SMIPS.

This is also the first device which is powered by a 5V power supply connected with a micro USB connector. This way, it will be possible to power the hAP lite with a power bank. With only 3W power consumption, the hAP could be run as portable AP for a very long time.

This board is the cheapest device you can get from MikroTik at the moment and has impressive performance for a SOHO device. I paid about 23 EUR for it. Useful to know: the hAP lite has a big brother: the hAP (http://routerboard.com/RB951Ui-2nD).

I'm very happy with this device. Well done MikroTik!

The solution

I configured the hAP lite to act as station bridge. The FastEthernet ports are configured as switch group. Additionally ether1 is bridged to the wlan interface which connects to my WiFi.

The Fritz!Box 7170 acts as media gateway to connect an analog phone to the asterisk PBX using SIP.

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My Wishlist

If the information I provided was helpful to you, I would really appreciate if you have a look on my Amazon wishlist.

I'm not begging for anything and I will continue to share my knowledge but of course I would be really happy to see some packages arriving ;-)