Point-to-point radio link

The hardware

MikroTik produces several different wireless hardware platforms. You can roughly divide them into two families: integrated solutions, which means the antennas are built in, and the classic router boards with external antenna connectors.

The SXT 5HPnD is an integrated plattform. For technical details please have a look at http://routerboard.com/RBSXT5HPnDr2. The SXT is the smallest integrated outdoor plattform available from MikroTik. Under ideal conditions you can easily build a 5km link.

I'm going to span a gap of ~1.5km over the air, so this solution should be sufficient.

The planned link could not be established, so another link with 1.2km distance has been built.

The config

As the originally planned link could no be established due to non-existent line of sight, I had to build the link to another location. Next time I'll check this before ordering hardware ;-)

The good news: I already have a link established at which I swapped out the hardware.

The SXT used for this is configured as bridge, the other side is configured as station bridge. The following pictures show you the improvised setup.

The result

The remote side is equipped wit a RB912UAG-5HPND-OUT, my side with the SXT. The distance is about 1.2km and the throughput (one FTP transfer) is stable around 93MBit/s.

The link crosses many buildings and the place is very crowed regarding 5GHz, with this in mind it is even more impressive I think.

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