PtP radio mounting

A while ago I searched the web for a mounting for my PtP radio. Two preconditions had to be met: The mounting must be installable without drilling because I would like to avoid to get in trouble with my hirer and the mounting must not be very expensive. Long story short: I found a window mounting designed for satellite dishes. This would do the job!

I'm sorry for the poor images, it seems my smartphone's camera has trouble with twilight.

The mounting must be clamped into the window frame. Fortunately, the PtP radio is powered via PoE, so only a single patch cable is needed for both, data and power supply. To facilitate laying the cable through the window, I used a flat Cat 5 patch cable (see images).

It is very important, to connect the patch cable with the PtP radio in an arc shaped way to prevent water (rain, condensation) entering the radio's housing (see last image).

I need to add an addiotional fixture for the mounting. I clamped it very tightly in the window frame, but just the imagination that these metal pieces coul fall from the 6th floor gives me creeps. I'm thinking about some steel cables connected to the mounting parts and fixed to a weight inside the room. If you have better ideas, let me know.

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