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The RGB boxes

I build two RGB driver boxes which can be controlled with a web app.

A small one, to be used in a car and a much bigger one, which can easily handle 30m of RGB strip. Read on to see those boxes.

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7-segment clock

This time I'll present you a little fun project aside the omnipresent network topic in this blog. While moving to another appartment, I had the chance to catch a glimpse of the stuff I stocked in my cellar. Among other things I found some 7-segment displays, some binary counters and 7-segment display drivers.

Have a look what I built with it.

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Flexoptix SFP transceivers

When working with networks, you have to deal with different devices from different vendors. When it comes to SFP tranceivers, you often need vendor specific transceivers because vendors tend to apply some sort of vendor locks. Despite SFP beeing a standard, you need SFP transceivers from your device's vendor. I found a nice solution to circumvent these requirements.

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2/2 IPSec over GRE with MikroTik's RouterOS and Linux

I finally did it: I wrote the second part...

This is the second part, explaining how to create GRE tunnels between a linux server and a MikroTik Router and encrypt the tunnel using IPSec.

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iptables rule for L2TP over IPSec

One of my readers wrote me and asked how to setup the host firewall on a L2TP/IPSec server to only allow L2TP connections which are IPSec encrypted. Here is how it is done.

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curator for elasticsearch

If you would like to groom your elasticsearch database in an automated way, you probably should read this article.

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FreeSWITCH 1.8.2 on Ubuntu 18.4 LTS

I just updated my FreeSWITCH system.

This article is a simple step by step guid as addition to the initial post.

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jumpNet topology update March 2018

As I wrote some weeks ago, the jumpNet is now interconnected with dn42. You'll find a new network map in this article.

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Building a L2TP/IPSec server with OSPF routing capability

Over time, jumpNet's VPN servers became bottlenecks regarding bandwidth. Currently, the best VPN server in jumpNet offers 20MBit/s upstream, which is okay but not sufficient for large file transfers like backups. In this article, I describe how to build a L2TP/IPSec VPN server with OSPF routing capability.

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Interconnection between jumpNet and dn42

jumpNet is fine - no question. But it's small and some how I got used to it. There is little new to discover (maybe I'm going to realize a point-to-point radio link this summer, but that's another story) and so I decided to follow up an old plan: Connecting the jumpNet to dn42.

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