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jumpNet topology update in January 2018

Some time ago I moved from Zähringe Straße to Merzhauser Straße. What a lucky coincidence, that I moved into the appartment of one of the jumpNet participants. Time to change the topology of the jumpNet a bit.

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Hardware VLAN with MikroTik Routerboards and RouterOS

I needed a VLAN trunk but had no VLAN capable switches - at least I thought so. After thinking a minute, I remembered my two RB2011. I'll show you how to configure VLAN trunks with them.

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Updating the ESK stack (elasticsearch, syslog-ng, kibana)

Just a short notice on my ESK experiences regarding updating the stack.

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nginx as simple reverse proxy for HTTP basic auth

In my last post, I described how to set up a ESK stack (Elasticsearch, syslog-ng, Kibana). I also mentioned that the provided setup is not ideal from a security perspective. In this post I'll show you, how to use nginx as HTTP reverse proxy with HTTP basic auth to protect the Kibana web frontend.

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pimp my syslog server or "Setting up a syslog server with syslog-ng, Elasticsearch and Kibana"

The jumpNet grows, so do the logs. A little tired of grepping and tailing and lessing it came handy that I needed a solution for a customer with similar needs. After doing some research in the internet, I came across the so called ESK stack. Elasticsearch, syslog-ng and Kibana. Sure, I heared about Elasticsearch and Kibana, but till then I thought this is some hipster IT crap and - I never was so wrong. (Yeah, there is some prejudice coming with age and experience...)

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ECMP routing - equal-cost multi-path routing

As you propably know, the jumpNet has a redundant VPN infrastructure and is using OSPF. To improve the network design futher, I investigated the possibility of equal-cost multi-pathing. Doing so I needed to tackle a little with the stateful firewall.

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jumpNet topology update and change of VPN technology

Two more sites joined the jumpNet and we swapped the vpn server hardware. Now, the core of the jumpNet is powered by two RB750Gr3 or hEX.

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MikroTik mAP lite

Recently, I bought a MikroTik mAP lite to play with. With its size and performance it is far more than a toy, it is a versatile tool I can carry along.

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(MikroTik) IPSec: I can't ping the router itself. Why?

I just configured some IPSec tunnels to connect the management network to our company's local network and stumbled over a well known problem: I can ping hosts "behind" the router doing IPSec, but I cannot ping the router itself. Read why and how to circumvent this issue.

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I was a webhoster

Several years ago, I was interested in webhosting technologies. As servers and elecricity didn't pay for themselves, I founded a small web hosting business to fund my hobby.

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