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MikroTik CAP and CAPsMAN

Some time ago, MikroTik included a WiFi controller feature into RouterOS. Today, I implemented it in my home network.

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Zyxel IES 1000 / AAM1212-51 splitting traffic over two ethernet ports

The AAM1212-51 comes with 12 ADSL2+ and 2 Ethernet ports. Every ADSL port is capable of handling up to 24MBit/s traffic. In default configuration, 4 fully loaded ADSL ports will saturate one ethernet port. So, how to share the load over the two ethernet ports?

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My lab setup

Devices are piling up on my desk, blocking the sunlight and provoking my friends to joke around nerds not needing light. I needed a pratical solution ;-)

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HP ProCurve 4000M modular switch

I could save a HP ProCurve 4000M from the bin. The 4000M is quite old, but still a great switch if you're okay with 100MBit/s and 4U device height.

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1/2 IPSec over GRE with MikroTik's RouterOS and Linux

This is the part 1 of 2, providing explanations and How-Tos for:

  • creating GRE tunnels between a linux server and a MikroTik Router
  • configuring IPsec to encrypt the traffic on the GRE interfaces

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Compiling FreeSWITCH

I worked a lot with asterisk when it came to provide VoIP. As there a plans to provide VoIP via WebRTC too and asterisk didn't prove to be very well suited because of SIP incompatibilities, I decided to have a look at FreeSWITCH.

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Simple traffic graphing

To see to what extent the jumpnet is used and to determine the utilization of Jens' internet connection (he's the hub in our hub-and-spoke network topology) we need a simple traffic graphing tool. This is where MRTG comes into play. This article describes how to configure MRTG and MikroTik to graph the traffic.

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Virtualization with KVM

Do you know this scenario: Every time you want to try something out, you need to install linux on some hardware. After you've played around, the system is in a somehow messy state. The next time you want to try something, you need to start over...

I don't have time for this anymore and wanted to be more flexible. In the past I read a lot about qemu and kvm, so let's give it a try.

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PtP radio mounting

Maybe you remember my improvised PtP radio link. Yesterday I did the fixed installation with a special window mounting.

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VLAN on a RouterBoard

One cable and three networks which must be able to transport data over it. This is a typical use case for VLANs. Unfortunatelly, I the hardware in use is no dedicated switch hardware but RouterBoards. Let's see if we can create VLANs with it anyway.

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