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2/2 IPSec over GRE with MikroTik's RouterOS and Linux

I finally did it: I wrote the second part...

This is the second part, explaining how to create GRE tunnels between a linux server and a MikroTik Router and encrypt the tunnel using IPSec.

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Hardware VLAN with MikroTik Routerboards and RouterOS

I needed a VLAN trunk but had no VLAN capable switches - at least I thought so. After thinking a minute, I remembered my two RB2011. I'll show you how to configure VLAN trunks with them.

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ECMP routing - equal-cost multi-path routing

As you propably know, the jumpNet has a redundant VPN infrastructure and is using OSPF. To improve the network design futher, I investigated the possibility of equal-cost multi-pathing. Doing so I needed to tackle a little with the stateful firewall.

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jumpNet topology update and change of VPN technology

Two more sites joined the jumpNet and we swapped the vpn server hardware. Now, the core of the jumpNet is powered by two RB750Gr3 or hEX.

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MikroTik mAP lite

Recently, I bought a MikroTik mAP lite to play with. With its size and performance it is far more than a toy, it is a versatile tool I can carry along.

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(MikroTik) IPSec: I can't ping the router itself. Why?

I just configured some IPSec tunnels to connect the management network to our company's local network and stumbled over a well known problem: I can ping hosts "behind" the router doing IPSec, but I cannot ping the router itself. Read why and how to circumvent this issue.

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MikroTik CAP and CAPsMAN

Some time ago, MikroTik included a WiFi controller feature into RouterOS. Today, I implemented it in my home network.

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1/2 IPSec over GRE with MikroTik's RouterOS and Linux

This is the part 1 of 2, providing explanations and How-Tos for:

  • creating GRE tunnels between a linux server and a MikroTik Router
  • configuring IPsec to encrypt the traffic on the GRE interfaces

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Simple traffic graphing

To see to what extent the jumpnet is used and to determine the utilization of Jens' internet connection (he's the hub in our hub-and-spoke network topology) we need a simple traffic graphing tool. This is where MRTG comes into play. This article describes how to configure MRTG and MikroTik to graph the traffic.

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VLAN on a RouterBoard

One cable and three networks which must be able to transport data over it. This is a typical use case for VLANs. Unfortunately, I the hardware in use is no dedicated switch hardware but RouterBoards. Let's see if we can create VLANs with it anyway.

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