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MikroTik RouterOS simple queues

A short introduction in MikroTik RouterOS simple queues and for what you can use them.

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MikroTik hAP lite

I needed to connect a DECT phone to my asterisk pbx, so I got a MikroTik hAP lite and a AVM Fritz!Box 7170. This is a short review of the hAP lite and a description of the setup.

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Point-to-point radio link

I bought two SXT 5HPnD and they arrived today. The plan is to connect a friend of mine's network with mine. As there is a line of sight between our houses, it might be possible to build a link.

Be prepared for some PtP radio fun :-)

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MPLS - what is that?

In the past years, I learned a lot about the technologies used in the internet and apart from some people dealing with them every day, nobody knows. One of these technologies is MPLS. I read a lot about it but never tried to set it up myself. Here we go...

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The jumpNet is a private computer network to experiment with. It started with a VPN tunnel between two friends and is now connecting sites in Freiburg, Offenburg, Munich and Nuremberg.

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Why MikroTik?

While reading this page, you will notice that I am using a lot of MikroTik devices and may be you have not heared about MikroTik before. In this article I am going to explain how I came to MikroTik and why I like using their devices.

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